SMART Goalsetting

It Will Make You as Effective as a Genie!

If you've ever studied goalsetting, you've probably heard of SMART Goalsetting. With the help of our Genies behind the scenes, we've put together a much more effective SMART Goalsetting process here for you. It's so effective we call it Genie Goalsetting!

Genies create whatever they want to instantly. They have absolute control over themselves, their emotions and their environment.

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to have these qualities? They seem have it all...lots of money, a great relationship, they're fit, lean and everyone likes them. What's the difference between them and you? How can you apply their strategies to find success yourself?

Step 1 is to look over the entire Goal Setting Genie site carefully and in its entirety. The SMART Goalsetting tools you find on this page will be MUCH more effective once you have worked with the tools outlined on previous pages and adopted some more effective belief systems into your life.

Step 2 It's important to get a notebook just for your SMART Goalsetting. Write them down and look back every once and a while to see which ones have manifested and which ones you can use as tools for feedback. If you'd like, download some of our FREE Goal Setting Templates to help you formulate the goals for your life and put them in a binder.

Step 3 Make your goals SMART. This is the step that will assist you in clairfying exactly what you want to happen. Follow this step CLOSELY!! DO NOT take shortcuts. You will get what you create. Make sure that you are careful & deliberate about it.

SMART Goalsetting is accomplished by writing your goals so that they have these characteristics:

S- Simple, Specific
M- Measurable, Meaningful to You
A- Attainable, As if Now
R- Realistic, Responsible to Self, Others & the Planet
T- Timed, Toward What You Want

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Let's go thru some examples for how goals can become SMART. First, you'll see the goal written in a regular way. Then we'll make it SMART.

Example 1: I want to make more money.

Ask yourself: How much more money? When do you want it? How much do you want to work? Is it achievable? (If you're flipping burgers at McDonalds now and want $1 Million next year, probably not!) What do you want to be doing? Do you want benefits with your new job?

New SMART Goal: I now have made $100k in 2008 doing a job that I love with full benefits working 45 hours per week.

Do you see the difference? Let's look at another example.

Example 2: I want to lose weight.

Ask yourself: How much weight do you want to lose? When do you want it? Is this goal realistic?

New SMART Goal: I now weigh 150 lbs and am happy and healthy on July 15, 2008.

Example 3: I want to run in the New York Marathon

Ask yourself: Do you just want to run in it or do you want to finish? How fast do you want to go? When do you want to do it? Is it realistic?

New SMART Goal: I have now finished the New York Marathon with a time of 3:35 in Spring 2008.

Example 4: I want to rob a bank.

Ask yourself: Does this meet the criteria of being responsible? No. Don't set a goal like this.

Example 5: I want my mom to get healthy

Ask yourself: Does this fit with the 'M'..meaningful to you? While it may be meaningful, it's not actually for you so don't set a goal like this.

Example 6: I don't want to be alone on Friday Night.

Ask yourself: Is this stated in the positive?

A new SMART Goal would be: I'm so excited to have had a dinner date on Friday night.

Step 4 This is the step that rubs the genie's lamp.

Ask yourself, "How will I know that I've absolutely gotten this goal?" Then make a picture of the scene in your mind's eye. See yourself in successful completion. Feel it. Add a music soundtrack of your favorite song if that makes it more compelling.

NOTE: Be careful with this step! Really think thru your goal here. Make sure it's the absolute last thing that needs to happen so that you're sure this goal is attained & complete.

Step 5 LET GO OF THE FORM!! The Universe may have a better idea of how this is to happen for you than you could ever conceive. So just relax and notice how it unfolds.

If you really feel you like to do some work to set the gears in motion, just make a small 30 sec step to move you in that direction. It could be as simple a internet search or phone call.

To be walked thru this SMART goalsetting step and all of the previous emotional and belief changing exercises that make SMART goalsetting (and therefore, you) as effective as a genie in a bottle, be sure to get your copy of

How to Make Money, Have Fun and Love What You Do or the NEW Train Your Brain for the Game audio download.

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