Bike Coaching

Whatever level cyclist you are, no matter if you're a beginner, amateur racer, century rider or pro, you'll benefit from my bike coaching program.

Do you want to do your first race? Do you want to ride a centure? Do you want to win a national championship?

I believe in giving you everything you need to succeed. So the programs that I offer are all customized to you. Cookie cutter stuff works for no one. I rely on the background and experience I gained through 20 years of riding and racing, trial and error and the school of hard knocks. My goal for you is to become a student of the sport and treat every race and training ride as a learning experience.
Here's a picture of me...Yes, it's really me.

I have clients scattered all over the globe. You can take advantage of working with me from anywhere you are!

To accomplish your goals, here's how the program is structured:

Each month, I'll work with you to develop a training schedule that works toward your goals and time you have available to ride. You'll get a plan that tells you exactly what to do every day. In the warm months, you'll be riding. In the winter you'll be riding and also cross training with weights, skiing, running, hiking or roller blading to suit your tastes.

I'll also allot about 30 min/wk for a conversation about what's going on for you're feeling, tactics, nutrition, advice, etc. We'll set a regular time that works for both of us.

Whenever you need work done on the mental side of your performance, I can help you there, as well.

I will help you with nutrition & suggestions to find what fuel works best for your performance. I am not a certified nutritionist but will be of assistance as much as possible & refer you out when necessary.

I'll help you make sense of the latest studies & science behind the sport, but we won't focus too much on it.

I will also ride with you once per month for 1.5 hrs. These rides are skills rides and we'll work on whatever area you need to reach your next level of efficiency. This service is available only if you live in the Denver/Boulder area.

Here's what I expect from you:

100% effort and commitment to the program. This means 100% effort during each race and ride. This doesn't mean to go and ride as hard as you can all the time. It means riding to do exactly what your plan says. For example, you can give 100% effort to riding easy or in an extreme sense, 100% effort to sitting on the couch.

Take time to practice the basics about form, finesse & tactics.

Keep in good contact and let me know what's going on for you. If something works for you, tell me. If something doesn't work, tell me that, too. Tune in to your body and start to feel what's going on for you. Every day will be a different learning experience.

When you're ready, give me a call for more information. I look forward to helping you accomplish your cycling goals!


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