A Little Handicapped Dog and a Big Lesson

I recently returned from a week on the Big Island of Hawaii. I go there to study Ancient Hawaiian Huna. Huna is one of the tools that I use to assist clients in creating rapid change in their lives. Usually I learn by sitting with the elders just talking story. On this trip, I learned my greatest lesson from a cute little handicapped dog named Honey Girl.

A friend and I decided to do a bit of exploring around the Big Island and go to the Green Sand Beach near South Point that I’ve heard about for years. (Yes, the sand is really green. It’s got olivine in it.)

Going to this beach requires a long drive from Kona and then 3 mile hike. It’s flat but the ground is loose & sandy so it’s a tough but one of the best Hawaiian hikes. At the trailhead we met Honey Girl, one of the cutest handicapped dogs around. One of her rear legs didn’t work and she couldn’t put any weight on it. (apparently she has a bad habit or running in front of cars, which caused the injury) But she still ran around at full speed, kind of like a tripod, making the most of her 3 working legs. As a result of her unnatural weight distribution, her feet were kind of deformed and in a seemingly unrelated matter, she also had a big tumor on her stomach.

As we set off on our hike, I didn’t give the handicapped dog much attention other than a pat on the head. I assumed I’d never see her again. After an hour of hiking we arrived at one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. Much to my surprise, not far behind was Honey Girl. She had made the difficult journey on only three legs! And even with so much physically wrong, she was ecstatic. My friend and I enjoyed playing with her on the beach; she was one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever been around.

She really made me think about myself and my life. I don’t have any problems near as bad as the ones she has. I’m healthy and have got a lot going for me. Yet sometimes I get down and complain about what’s wrong in my life. I lose sight of the big picture. I forget to be happy with everything I have instead choosing to focus on what I don’t have. Do you ever do this? Do you let your challenges cause you to be cranky and make them mean you can’t accomplish your goals?

Now may be a good time to put challenges in perspective and quit making excuses about why you can’t lose weight, make more money, have more fun or _________(insert your challenge here). If Honey Girl can get over her challenges and enjoy life, you can too!

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