Get to Know Your Higher Self
& Accomplish Your Goals With Ease

Your Higher Self (or higher conscious mind) is the spirit part of you. It's the part of you that gives you your energy and has you come to life.

It is known to many but talked about by few. Luke Skywalker in Star Wars was instructed to 'Use The Force' to help him succeed. This magical, mystical Froce was his higher self. The part of him that's all knowing, all wise and all powerful once it's tapped into.

You too, can use The Force to assist you in creating anything you want in life. As a matter of fact, it has several jobs it does for you:

Your Higher Self:

1. Is the Guardian Spirit (over the individual) “It's a totally trustworthy parental spirit

2. Is the God spirit in the individual

3. Connection and communication with it can make everything peaceful; everything the way we want it.

4. Is made up of totally balanced male and female energy.

5. Is an expression of your own perfection

6. Is the connection to the higher realms of creation. As such, it represents the process of evolution in Huna and other esoteric systems

8. Can recognize true sources of events

9. Can remove complexes, fixations and identifications

10. Can produce attainments including ESP.

11. Can know, predict and affect the future .

12. Doesn’t make mistakes.

13. It cannot interfere with Conscious Mind’s free will, so it must be asked for assistance.

14. Is all forgiving, because the it sees all as one.

15. The Conscious Mind has free will to deny the existence of it.

How can you get to know and utilize this amazing part of you? It's easy! Just learn to meditate. Meditation is the easiest and quickest way to tune into your higher self. This practice will allow you to drop the cares of the world (even for just a little while) and experience the gentle guidance of your own, personal 'Force' so that you can reach your goals with ease.

There are all sorts of CD programs and classes available to help you meditate and tune into this energy. Be sure to check back here for some suggestions.

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