What is Hawaiian Huna?

Most people who study Huna want to know more about themselves and the world around them than what is offered in modern science and psychology. So, if you are interested in a more spiritual view of the world, if you want to connect more with who you are and discover a whole new universe around you, then Huna is for you.

Ancient Hawaiians says, "A Ohe Pau Ko Ike I Kou Halau"...think not that all wisdom is in your school. You may be studying other paths or have studied other paths. It is important to remember that no matter who you are or where you come from, there is always more to learn.

Huna, in Hawaiian, means "secret." In its purest form this ancient knowledge enables a person to connect to his or her highest wisdom within. When broken down to its roots the word can be translated as to come from within and be calmed, peaceful and tranquil.

Understanding and utilizing the fundamentals can bring about healing and harmony through the power of the mind. This healing art and earth science is spiritual in nature. Experiencing its concepts gives us the opportunity to integrate mind, body and spirit. One might acknowledge Huna teachings as one of nature's tools helpful in development of inner knowing and enhancing inate psychic abilities.

Huna is a Hawaiian word first used by Max Freedom Long (1890-1971), in 1936 to describe what he called “the secret science behind the miracles” that ancient Hawaiian kahuna (shamans) performed. These miracles included overnight bone healing, making it rain or stopping lava from flowing.

There were many kinds of kahuna, all with different specialties ranging from bone setters to dream interpreters to hula dancing. One of the most intriguing to study is the kahuna la'au kahea or psychological healers.

Ancient Hawaiian language had no word for mental illness or pain and suffering. Where one cannot speak, one cannot think. This means that the ancient people had no mental illness or pain & suffering. It's possible that this was due to their understanding of themselves, their minds and their connection to nature.

Long wrote that the key to Huna is the concept of the Three Selves – the unconscious mind , conscious mind and higher self , which he called the 'unihipili, the 'uhane and the aumakua. These three must be kept in rapport, in harmony and working together to achieve health and to maintain your spiritual connection.

Communication with your higher self and the ritual of connecting to your higher self is essential. This aligns you with understanding the universe gives you greater ability to create what you want.

So How Can You Use Huna in Your Daily Life?

There are basic skills that every Kahuna La'au Kahea possessed. These tools allowed them to make great change in themselves and in those around them, almost as if by magic. Mastery of these techniques is vitally important to your development on a spiritual level.

Sensory Acuity: Continue to develop greater, more finely attuned sensory awareness. This allows you to know what is really going on around you on different levels. Greater awareness means greater knowledge and power.

Attention and Consciousness: Attention creates and attracts so put attention on what you want , not what you don't want. The degree of concentrated energy and consciousness that you put into your thought, your processes, healing and such, the greater power and effect they will have.

Build Mana:The greater your storage of mana(energy) and ability to project it, the more power you have. The ancient Hawaiians believed that anything that gave you energy was good and anything that depleted it was bad. What gives you energy?

Ha Breathing: The technique of Ha Breathing may be used not only to build mana but to expand awareness and capacities. Use it regularly. Breathe in thru your nose and out thru your mouth with the sound "HAAAAA",(almost like a whisper). Make your in to out breath a 1:2 ratio.

Hiolani Meditation: Meditating on the light builds sensory acuity to develop more finely attuned awareness. It is one means to align the three selves.

Higher Self Connection: This is a specific meditation. As your connection to the spiritual, your higher purpose and expanded information, this is essential. Do this meditation regularly.

Use: Use it or lose it.

Adapted from writings by Dr. Jane Battenburg

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