Native American Wisdom

Native American Wisdom give us a clue as to how native people view the world. It isn't wisdom as we think of it today. It's simply a life view that's much different than ours.

Native people were very connected to the earth. They were one with it. Everything around them was a gift from God, not to be destroyed or conquered but something to work in harmony with.

Natives were not destracted by their cell phones, cars, computers or television. They didn't even have horses until the European explorers arrived!

Their connection to God and the earth was powerful. Natives could chant to call the fish and would have a bountiful catch. Other chants would cause birds to molt so their feathers could be used for capes and adornments.

Some of these quotes are from my time spent with the natives. Others are from a book titled Native American Wisdom edited by Kent Nerburn and Louise Mengelokoch.


If you row your canoe only on one side, you'll go in a circle.
-Uncle Alena
Big Island, Hawaii


Many of the white man's ways are past our understanding...They put a great store upon writing; there is always a paper.

The white people must think paper has some mysterious power to help them in the world. The Indian needs no writings; words that are true sink deep into his heart, where they remain. He never forgets them. On the other hand, if the white man loses his papers, he is helpless.

I once heard one of their preachers say that no white man was admitted to heaven unless there were writings about him in a great book!
Four Guns
Ogalala Sioux


A ohe pau ko ike kou halau.
Think not that all wisdom is in your school.
Anciant Hawaiian Saying _____________________________________________________________

Aloha is being part of all and all being part of me. When there is pain-it is my pain. When there is joy-it is mind also. I respect all that is, as part of Creator and part of me.

I will not willfully harm anyone or anything. When food is needed I will take only my need and explain why it is being taken. The earth, the sky, the sea are car for, to cherish and to protect. This is Hawaiian. This is Aloha!
From Tales of the Night Rainbow
by Pali Lae Lee and Koko Willis


The most important thing to learn is love. What made the Hawaiians so spiritual was love. The spiritual gifts were not the mark of a spiritual person, it is love. The gifts given were to help other people.

The capacity to love all people is what the world needs to learn. You cannot be spiritual without love. Self Serving spirituality is not of the light. If ou fill yourself with your own pride or if you are selective about what or who you love, it will not work. If you pray or it with love. The most important thing is love. Think less, feel more, love all.
John Ka'imikaua
Kumu Hula Master


And 144 thousand light warriors with their shields balanced, respecting all paths as leading to one, shall come to the planet in her time of need and teach the teachers.
Hopi Legend

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