Natural Holistic healing typically refers to methods of healing using energy, herbs and other natural methods, not the pills or surgery typically prescribed by western medicine.

The body has a blueprint for perfect health. It doesn’t create dis-ease by accident. Have you ever noticed that when you get stressed, you may catch a cold? Everyone seems to accept this and understands the correlation. What’s less understood is that more significant emotions, beliefs and traumas when stored in the body over time lead to more serious dis-eases and injuries than just the common cold.

Emotions are simply energy in motion. What energy do you have in motion in your body? Is it really positive or something less? Are you frequently overjoyed and happy? Are you hanging on to anger, resentment, sadness or depression?

Stuck and negative energy causes physical pain & dis-ease. Are you 100% healthy? Are you frequently sick? If you’re finding yourself sick more than you’d like, you may benefit from energetic & emotional clearing work.

Proper goal setting and emotional clearing can assist you to physically transform your body’s stuck energy so that it flows again and allows it to return to the blueprint for perfect health.