What is Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP?

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) started out in the early seventies primarily as the study of excellence in Human Behavior. The initial question was about how to understand the difference between somebody who is competent about something and someone who is able to excel at something. This study of Subjective Reality and the Modeling of Excellence opened up a new doorway into human possibilities. Two men are at the forefront of the initial studies which has since blossomed into multiplied thousands of skilled students and practitioners all across the world. The first two were John Grinder a Linguistics Professor and Richard Bandler, a Mathematician, musician and Computer Scientist.

That first question on excellence were the studies of people who were know to operate in very excellent ways such as Milton Erickson, Virginia Satir, and Fritz Perls all of which were recognized for their pivotal knowledge and excellence in the field of therapy. Those studies opened the doorway to discovering their Internal Representations engendered a model to understand how we as humans perceive the world, how we organize our thinking, feeling, skills and behaviors.

These initial studies have in many ways changed the way new possibilities for how we can more effectively understand people in every area. Areas including: Therapy, Business, Sports, Learning, Relationships and Life.

The ‘Neuro’ acknowledges the fact that we process information about the world neurologically, using the brain and the nervous system, through our five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

‘Linguistic’ refers to the verbal language that we use to communicate with each other both intrinsically and extrinsically with our internal thoughts and our external ‘body language’.

‘Programming’ relates to the ‘programs’ or patterns of behavior we all demonstrate: it’s the internal yet unconscious strategy that we use as we organize our thoughts and our behaviors in producing our outcomes.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is about how we work as a whole new paradigm of thinking. It is about helping people make effective and empowering change and to enhance peak states of performance. It is a set of guiding principles, attitudes, knowledge, skills, techniques and a sort of magic in how greatly it enhances our human possibilities.

Neuro Linguistic Programming offers you some of the most powerful communication skills available. Much of our success in life depends on our ability to communicate effectively to others and within our selves.

Neuro Linguistic Programming provides a beacon light that can enable you to uncover, change and transform old behaviors and present interferences into new and resourceful beliefs and successful behaviors. It can move you to make positive and far reaching changes that will affect your life in positive ways and can usually do it in a quicker and more elegant manner than most anything else has been able to do.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is built around the idea that all thought, belief and behavior is inseparable from our neurology (Neuro). The way we recognize it and stabilize it is with language (Linguistics) and the internal strategies we use, the sequence of mind/body events is the (Programming). Learning and knowing how this works for you and others gives you a set of immensely price and powerful tools for more effective and precise outcomes.

The human brain and the body are inseparable and operate very much like a mega-computer. Using information that is programmed into it through life experiences and the adapted behaviors created in each moment, it will operate or react with the same adapted responses until the original programming is replaced.

It is widely known that the majority of all our dominant programming has already happened in the formative years of 0 to 6 years old. Although we don’t want to believe that we are basically operating on automatic and that we are so directed and controlled by earlier programming, denying it doesn't make it not so. Unfortunately we didn't come with an owners manual at birth, so we don’t actually know how we operate and we for the most part operate out of a “consensus trance” like reality and without taking determined and courageous steps to understand that go on basically thinking and acting in the same old programmed behaviors throughout our lives and believe that is just the way I am.

It is good to know that with Neuro Linguistic Programming, change for most people can happen easily, painlessly and fast.

We are often told that our brain is the most amazing computer on the planet, but nobody ever gave us an instruction manual on how to use it. The good news is that Neuro Linguistic Programming was created as a set of tools (software for the mind/body) to update our data and to be able to move toward a truly conscious life with far more excellence and satisfaction move toward a truly conscious life with far more excellence and satisfaction than would happen otherwise. NLP offers the tools to make excellence and more satisfying behaviors more easily attainable. It can now happen because if you have some areas where you are achieving excellence or having satisfying behaviors, or if someone else is achieving excellence or satisfying behaviors anywhere, then it can be modeled, detailed, replicated, and enjoyed by you.

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“Neuro Linguistic Programming…affords the opportunity to gain flexibility, creativity and greater freedom of action than most of us know how…” -Training and Development Journal

“Neuro Linguistic Programming could be the most important synthesis of knowledge about human communication to emerge since the sixties...” - Science Digest

Some of the places where Neuro Linguistic Programming is used:

Psychotherapy and Counseling, Sports Performance, Training, Education, Public Presentations of all kinds Health Counseling, Medicine, Business, Management, Sales, Coaching, Relationships and Relationship Building, Peak Performance and Excellence Parenting, Writing, Communicating in any media, Creative Pursuits and Energized Lives

One of the most important applications where NLP is valuable is in education and learning. Neuro Linguistic Programming’s practical applications include understanding how we teach and developing strategies for both students and teachers.

Through NLP, teachers and parents gain concrete methods for helping children do well in school. Classroom teachers are incorporating key pieces of the NLP approach into their teaching methods and classroom management.

Medical professionals report that what they learn in Neuro Linguistic Programming training is immediately applicable and valuable in their work. In addition, leading-edge research in NLP today is focusing on ways of building and maintaining personal health, engaging the body's ability to heal, and defining the relationship between health and beliefs. Language affects how we think and respond.

The very process of converting experience into language requires that we delete, distort, and generalize how we perceive the world. These are the filters that we use that make each one of us unique. Neuro Linguistic Programming also provides questions and patterns to make communication more effective. Research on communications has shown that words are only 7% of communication. If we accept that as true, then would understanding what the other 97% of communication is be important to you?

NLP teaches us to understand how language affects us through implicit and embedded assumptions. Since advertisers, the media, and politicians use language to convey their messages, teaming about language through NLP can also add awareness and gives us the knowledge we need to be effective communicators.

Here are some areas in your life that NLP is beneficial:

• Learn techniques to identify your specific goals, design them appropriately and then program your mind to achieve them.
• Improve your skills and performance in areas from sales to sports.
• Remove lifelong fears and phobias.
• Identify and release negative emotions caused by traumas.
• Increase rapport and facilitate communication in your relationships: business and personal.
• Change unwanted habits and behaviors by giving yourself more options.
• Resolving conflicts and negotiating for desired results.
• Learning, studying, spelling and memory

NLP offers many people a doorway to something far deeper. Once you know more about how you, as a human being operate, then you can use NLP to answer some of the truly meaningful questions. NLP will also help you to more fully understand your mission in life and some of the answers to how you can have even more happiness and fulfillment.

Why should anyone want to know about or study NLP?

The answer to that is easy. NLP is for anyone who has a desire to know more about themselves or others. Anyone who wants to know how to understand and use leading edge, practical and empowering tools to model and create more satisfying lives. Whether you are in Business, Education, Sales, Public Contact, Sports, Relationships, Communications or just being alive on this planet and wanting your life to be easier… NLP can become a fascinating part of your life.

Many people have commented discovering the power of NLP was like finally getting your own owners manual and knowing how you operate.

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