Positive Affirmations

By now, almost everyone has seen the Saturday Night Live skit poking fun at positive affirmations: the nerdy guy looks in the mirror and repeats to himself, "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough and gosh darnit people like me!" Somewhere inside it's evident he doesn't believe it but he's trying to convince himself that it's true.

It's funny to watch this character try to improve himself even though he's portrayed as having little hope.

In the real world, many people find positive affirmations to be helpful in changing their mind for the better. They find affirmations that they create for themselves to be a great way to stay focused on their goals and allow for opportunity. Results created from using affirmations include career change, finding true love, quitting a bad habit, healing from disease and making lots of money.

The critics say that affirmations take a lot of work and many years to soak in at the unconscious level. They claim that affirmations are simply a mask that hides the negativity truly going on at the subconscious level. These critics often promote the use of other forms of rapid change technology. A few are presented in this site so there's something here for everyone!

The only way to tell if affirmations will be effective for you is to give it a try.

In his book based on affirmations, Think Yourself Rich, Joseph Murphy says that "The most basic law of the universe is love. Love is always ongoing. It emanates from the person outward. Love must have an object. You can fall in love with music, art, a great project, an enterprise, a science or any other field of human endeavor. ..

Because Einstein loved the principles of mathematics, they revealed their secrets to him. That is what love does. You can fall in love with the science of mind, and it will reveal to you its secrets.

How much do you want what you want? Do you love what you want? Do you want it enough to leave your old ideas, the traditional view of things, and get new ideas, new imagery, and new viewpoints? If so, you must work to become open and receptive.

Do you want good digestion? If you do, you must give up resentment and say good-bye to your pet peeves and grudges.

Do you want wealth and success? If so, you must be willing to accept the riches within and without. You must realize that you are born to succeed, for the Infinite within you cannot fail. You have to leave your jealousies, your envies, and all of the false concepts you may have of God and enter into the joy of abundant and richer living.

When appealed to properly, the **LINK**unconscious mind** will lead you in the direction of your dreams. It succeeds every time."

So how are you going to appeal to your unconscious mind?

Murphy suggests to take a few minutes 3 or 4 times per day to go into a meditative state and repeat your affirmation to yourself. Below are some examples.

Remember that you can make your own to fit your specific needs. The important thing is to FEEL positive energy as you say the words to yourself. Feel as though you already have it. It's the feeling that you create that's important.

Positive Affirmation Example #1:

My business is connected to the infinite wisdom in the universe. And this infinite wisdom always prospers. I use universal riches wisely, judiciously and constructively to bless myself and others. I know the law of increase is now working, and I am open and receptive to God's wealth and bountiful increase. I am richly and abundantly supplied within and without from the infinite storehouse of riches in my unconscious mind. By day and by night I am attracting more and more people who want waht I have to offer. They are prospered, and I am prospered. My mind and heart are open to the influx of infinite riches now and forever.

Wow! What a mouthfull! How about a shorter one?

Positive Affirmation Example #2:

Divine right action is mine. Success is mine. Wealth is mone. Happiness is mine. The infinite river of peace flows through my mind, body and activities and whatever I do will prosper.

Do you feel like your prayers aren't being anwererd or your affirmations aren't working? Do you want some success tips to make your affirmations more powerful?

You may have prayed for good things to happen. You may have repeated affirmations to yourself over and over again.

The problem is that you may have spent more time and energy worrying about poverty and failure.

If you present your unconscious mind with two conflicting ideas, it accepts the dominant one. Your fear of poverty, lack or failure attracts it!

Every thought is creative. How strong are your thoughts about what you DON'T want? When your thoughts about wealth and having what you want are stronger than the negative junk in your mind, you will produce what you want.

Here are a few more examples of affirmations that you may find useful. Use them or write your own!

Positive Affirmation Example #3:

I am born to succeed: the infinite within me will prevail. Divine law and order govern my life. Divine peace fills my soul. Diving love saturates my mind. Infinite intelligence guides me in all ways. God's riches flow to me freely. I am advancing, moving forward and growing mentally, spiritually, financially and in all other ways. I know these truths are sinking into my subconscious and will grow.

Positive affirmation Example #4:

I know that my body is the temple where infinite intelligence dwells. I honor the Divine presence within me. As I eat my food with joy, I know that it is transformaing into harmony and perfect health. I connect with the infinite healing power and feel it circulating within me making me strong and healthy.

Remember to be creative when you're writing your affirmations. Make sure they're stated positively! Take out words like 'no, can't, don't, should, won't & not'. Rephrase sentences so that they are 100% focused on what you want. (This is the secret of true Genies)

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