Use These Self Improvement Tips:
The Easiest Way to Turn Yourself Into Genie & Have Your Wishes Granted

There are thousands of people out there preaching self improvement tips to whoever will listen. All of their tools are supposed to lead you to be able to have it all.

Genies, yogis, the great Kahunas of Hawaii and even 'regular people' who seem to have it all have one thing in common: Clarity. Seems simple. And it is. The challenge is that sometimes even when you think you have it you may not.

Clarity is evident when you easily and effortlessly get what you want in life. Things seem to come along naturally and you're on the top of the world, feeling like a million bucks. What areas of life do you have clarity in?

Lack of clarity is evident often when you're creating what you don't want in life. Sometimes it's one negative event. Other times you create the same negative stuff over and over and wonder why. Do you have any negative events or patterns in life? With money or relationships?

When you apply The Genie's Success Principle #1 of taking 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life, you have the opportunity to see specific areas where you may not have clarity. Although you may think that you have clarity and are focused on what you want, the proof is in the results you're getting.

People who easily get what they want have clarity at a deeply unconscious level. All parts of them are aligned towards what they want. They're not sabotaging their efforts and are moving 100% congruently forward. They're using the powers of their mind to fully support themselves. They seem to have automatically applied the self improvement tips that the rest of us need to learn.

Clarity allows energy to flow more freely thru your body and greater alignment with universal energy & consciousness. Therefore, it allows any work you do with The Law of Attraction , Vision Boards , meditation & more structured goal setting or the use of any other self improvement tips more effectively.

So how can you find clarity?

Tune into yourself!

How do you do that? It's easy! Just notice how you talk to yourself. What do you tell yourself when things go right? What do you tell yourself when things go wrong? Are you going easy on yourself or are you being harsh?

Your unconscious mind is always listening in on your internal dialogue. And it takes everything personally. It has the maturity of a small child and wants to help you in any way it can. So speak with yourself as you would a little child. Be NICE! It sounds so simple to need state being nice to yourself as a self improvement tip, but just try it out for a while and notice how things shift for you.

Odds are that if you spoke to other people the way you speak to yourself, you wouldn't have any friends left! So be as nice to yourself as you are to others.

What if you don't talk to yourself? Just notice how you feel most of the time, or how you feel when you do certain things. It's easy not to feel.

We're just so used to how we normally are that we don't pay attention any more. It's like asking a fish what it feels like to swim in water. The fish probably couldn't describe it because just the way it is in his world. It's never known anything different.

Your feelings are a directly related to the vibrational energy you put out. So do what it takes to feel great!

You may want to use our free FREE Belief Assessment Tools

to further define, understand and apply self improvement tips to yourself and your deep thoughts and beliefs. These tools will assist you to piece together the puzzle of why you feel and act the way you do. If your beliefs are positive, they're helping you towards your goals. If your beliefs are something less, they can be the reason that you don't have what you want in life.

So how do you change your beliefs, thoughts and the way you feel?? They're set in stone and just the way you are, right? WRONG!!

It's easy to believe that your are your beliefs. You're not! Great Kahunas say that no matter what you think, you're more than that. And you're more than that.

You're a being of light: divinity localized. So it's time to clear away some of the negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions that you've made about yourself and are carrying around. When self improvement tips are fully applied in your life, you'll be able to more fully be your true self. You'll be able to create anything you want in life.

The easiest, quickest, most fun and empowering way to change beliefs and get rid of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and decisions is to learn and use Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP and Ancient Hawaiian Huna These teachings and self improvement tips enable you to make rapid change in yourself and also in others simply by changing the structure of your language and tuning more into your energy. They can be learned in classes or individual sessions or by audio. Bad habits and negative emotions in your life will seem to magically disappear.

Meditation is another method to quiet your mind and has been practiced for thousands of years. Originally, it was meant to help people deepen their understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life. These days, many people turn to meditation for relaxation and stress reduction.

Meditation produces a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and emotional stability. And these effects last even when your meditation session ends. Meditation can have dramatic and positive effects on your emotional and physical well-being.

What if you just want some little self improvement tips & ideas to change your life?

Here are the Genie's Top 20 Self Improvement Tips:

1. Get up early and jog or watch sunrise

2. Eat breakfast

3. Smile at strangers when you make eye contact

4. Be impeccable with your word to yourself & others

5. Keep a schedule or to-do list and stick to it

6. Forgive others and forgive yourself for past wrongs

7. Do something nice for someone else

8. Drink lots of water every day

9. Stop Watching TV

10. Exercise

11. Meditate

12. Learn something new

13. Look for the good in everything

14. Laugh

15. Do something fun every day

16. Understand and adopt the Law of Attraction and Ancient Wisdom

17. Set goals

18. Set a budget & stick to it

19. Listen with your heart

20. Find a job you love

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