How Can You Set and Reach Your
Sports Performance Goals?

You probably wouldn't be an athlete if you didn't want to win and have some fun at the same time. Setting sports performance goals properly will assist you in being at your best.

When you go through the Genie's goal setting process, you'll be guided through aligning the part of you that plays sports, your unconscious mind, toward success.

It would be easy to just set a goal that says "I now have won the national championship" or "I now have made the first string team" (If these goals sound funny to you, be sure to learn proger genie goalsetting.) Of course you want to win. And these are great goals to have.

But setting sports performance goals are a little bit different than setting other results oriented goals. Why? In sports, it's easy to stop focusing on yourself and focus on what other people are doing. You've got to be better than them right?

Here's the truth: If you want to succees, you can't base your sports performace goals on the results of your event. You need to set your goals based on your performance and only your performance: getting a certain time, performing a certain trick or getting a certain number of strike outs or hits. When you accomplish these goals, you'll come very close to winning.

You can't control what other people do. You may have a personal best day and someone still beats you! It happened to me at the Junior National Championship Time Trial in 1991. I put in a record performance an got beat by someone who came out of nowhere by 45 seconds! That's gonna happen, it's just the way things work.

To win, you can only focus on you and doing what you think you need to do in order to win.

Just ask yourself: What kind of performance do I need to have in order to win? Remember, winning is a byproduct of a certain kind of performance. So as you go through the genie's goal setting, keep this in mind and get ready to win!

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