"The most remarkable thing about Traci and her system is her ability to induce change. At the world’s highest level of competition, any athlete would have been doing, acting, thinking and feeling a certain way for many, many years; as many as it takes to be rated among the best in the world. That’s a long time. For her to enable significant changes in elite level athletes is amazing.

Traci's system enabled me to make subtle but exponentially powerful adjustments in my approach to my competiton and my approach to life. By uncovering certain feelings and patterns of thoughts, she helped me stop limiting myself in ways I wasn’t even aware of. I have been studying myself as a subject of sports related performance for 20 years. What Traci does is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. I highly recommend her."

Jo Shattuck
Women's Pro Racquetball Tour: ranked #9
2x World Champion

Denver, CO

When you're ready to stop talking about being successful and actually be successful, it's time to call Traci. She helped me recapture focus that I thought I'd lost.

Alex Galant
4x International Powerlifting Federation World Masters Champion
6x coach USA Powerlifting World Masters Team
Denver, CO

I have been taking an inventory of how I have changed since we started working together. I don't snack needlessly like I used to! I look forward to going outside and jogging! I actually like the way it feels when my muscles are tired from jogging and my breath is heavy--I never thought I'd enjoy that! And, overall, I have been able to more rationally approach relationships. Since I have had a problem with anxiety for most of my life, it finds its way into my psyche, but now I am better able to identify & deal with it!

Thanks so much for everything!

Melissa Hurt, PhD.

My daughter Darcy is already thinking differently! She now feels ok with not winning every match.

I was stressed out, worrying about her being stressed out, so now, I can enjoy her matches much, much more. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Linda Kimmich,
mother of Darcy Kimmich, Team USA Tae Kwon Do.
Denver, CO

Thank you so much for the excellent coaching and availability. You did a fantastic job of getting us prepared for the Trans Alp Stage Race. I had to chuckle when I looked through the latest Patagonia catalog. It had a picture of a guy setting up a tent on a self-supported ride around the White Rim Trail. The caption made it seem like a big deal yet Jon and I zipped around it in 11 hours including a bit of bike repair! Couldn't have done that without your coaching skill.

Brian Johnston
TransAlp Mountain bike race finisher
Winter Park, CO

You have made such a huge difference in my life. I'm feeling much better and am able to handle my emotions with much more ease.

Georgia Tompkins
Denver, CO

I want to express my gratitude for all of the help you have provided over the past year. The personal, athletic and emotional growth that I've experienced since embarking on mountain bike racing has exceeded any conceivable expectations. You have provided all that my skiing career lacked and more. Through working with you I have been able to re-examine so many functions, motivations and experiences of my own and how they effect all aspects of my life....

Kristin Kosglow
NORBA National Winner
Category 3 Road Racer
Sales Executive
San Francisco, CA

Traci ~ Great insights and coaching! As high school player you helped me get my mental game on track to success. I went from a varsity player to the recruited NCAA Division I women’s lacrosse student athlete that you know today. Thank you!

Karin Hart #23
Women’s Lacrosse Team Member
University of Denver

Hi Traci Well thanks for our last meeting. Everything is going great. I feel like I have a much more relaxed and hands free take on life. This is a great thing of course, because I am not wasting any energy on worrying about what others are thinking, even my boyfriend. It has brought a lighter note to my relationship so ican focus on my training. Thanks again & take care

Erin Springer
Mount Hood, OR

Here's What People Are Saying
about my e-book
How to Make Money, Have Fun
and Love What You Do

People succeed because they know where they are going. In How to Make Money, Have Fun and Love What You Do, Traci not only emphasizes this axiom but gives you a process to set goals and to create an action plan for their achievement. This book is a MUST read.
~Tom Hart,
Real Estate Developer and Presenter of The Success Series with Mark Crowley and Tom Hart

"Traci's book takes her experience as a cycling champion combined with her expertise as a mental coach and shows the average person how to achieve the life they want."

~Aaron Solly,
Author of 100% of What You Want is Between Your Ears"

This book is golden and from the heart. It delves deep enough into the subject matter to give the reader a thurough understanding of the various principles of success. I love how the author relates her own life stories to these very workable exercises. Traci's stories add the necessary realism needed to relate and compare to my own life experiences. Traci and her book have taken by art business to a higher, ever increasing level. Thank You!

~Tate Hamilton, Artist

No matter how focused and driven you may be, completing short and long-term goals can be difficult in a changing environment. Traci Brown outlines a system that will help you focus on your objectives and provide clarity in the steps needed to achieve success. The great thing is this system becomes second nature through practice. What a great way to create a long-lasting impact on your life.

~ Derek Johnson,
Operations Project Manager

Traci Brown has long been a Champion Cyclist, but now she's a Champion Writer as well! As an Emmy Award Winning Film Composer and Producer, I believe in our ability to manifest and attain whatever our hearts and minds desire. How to Make Money, Have Fun and Love What You Do shows you exactly how to do it. This book is direct and accessible, It's like being in the room with the champion herself. A must read!

~ Lance Bendiksen
Composer / Record Producer

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