Tips on Financial Planning and Survivng Economic Stress

Are you looking for some tips on financial planning and also some tips on how to survive the stress? These days, who isn't? It can be difficult to muster confidence in tough financial times. It’s painful to watch the government fumble the ball and 100 year old banks disappear. It can be harder to experience the downturn first hand, either by losing your job or watching your portfolio dwindle.

In these times, you have two choices: be frozen in fear or stay confident and create what you want. What are some simple things you can do to accomplish this?

1. Ignore the Media. Turn off your TV. The media has a way to make everything seem worse than it is. The less you by into their drama, the more calm you will be, the more you’ll enjoy life and be able to stay focused on what you want.

2. Pay in Cash. Studies show that if you pay with plastic, you’ll spend up to 20% more without realizing it. If you buy only with what you have, it’s impossible to build up debt!

3. Give of your time and money- It’s said that the money and time you donate will come back to you three-fold. So give with an open heart. Notice how it makes you feel and what comes back to you as a result.

4. Meditate- Meditation is an easy way to relax and come to your own centered, calm place. It only takes 10 min per day and the rewards are far beyond what you’d think. If you want some tips, call me and I’ll fill you in.

5. Realize everything is cyclical- Everything in the universe goes through ups and downs. The coldest winter eventually turns into a hot summer. Our economy and finances are part of this cycle, too!

6. Set a financial plan and stick to it- I found a really neat program online to help you plan your finances around your values and goals. And it’s free! Check it out at:

When I can assist you to create more happiness and abundance in your life, give me a call.

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