Take This Weight Loss Advice

Use Goalsetting and the Powers of Your Mind to Help Pounds Melt Away

These days everyone will give you their wieght loss advice and sell you thier short cut miracle pills or home exercise machine to assist you in your quest.

Here's a newsflash: You can lose the wieght and keep it off when you align every part of your mind and body toward the goal.

I don't have a degree in physiology or nutrition. I have a Phd in Bike Racing and went to the nutrition school of hard knocks. I don't know much about grams of protein or micronutirents. What I'm about to reveal to you here is a method that works 100% of the time when you're committed to it. Keep reading only when you're ready to committ now.

Through my years of working with clients to lose weight, I learned that extra weight on the body has mostly to do with stored emotions in the neurology. Yep. It doesn't have to do as much with food as you think. How's that for weight loss advice?

What's your fat insulating you from? A bad relationship with your spouse or someone in your family? A crummy job? Abuse? A lack of purpose in life? A fear of success? A poor self image?The list goes on...

All of these emotions can be cleared from your neurology when you're ready. And when you use NLP and Time Line, it doesn't take years of therapy and it can be fun. It's possible to lose up to 20 lbs in a week simply through releasing negative emotions. If you're interested in experiencing this kind of results, be sure to give me a call.

What if you just want some weight loss advice to help you make incrimental changes easy and give you more motivation? Here's a list of some important weight loss tools:

1. Use the my goal-setting-genie system to clarify your weight loss goal and install it in your unconscious mind. What's your goal weight? When do you want to reach it by?

2. Get some exercise. It doesn't have to be a lot. Take a walk every day, take the stairs at work, try something new...have you ridden your bike or gone for a swim lately? It doesn't have to be really hard. Go with your friends to make it more fun. But most importantly get moving!

3. Quit the soft drinks and switch to water. Put a squeeze of lemon into it. This will change the ph of your body and decrease your craving for sweets. What an easy way to drop the sugar from your diet!

4. Do you crave fatty foods? Try taking some Omeage 3 Fatty Acids. Be sure to check with your doctor beforehand. Often when you're craving fatty foods, your body needs fat. So give it good fat! Then you won't want the junk.

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